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let your mind wander


exams and papers driving you nuts? chill and let your mind wander a bit with this mix filled with instrumental pieces from movie/drama soundtracks..

  • Elysium by Hans Zimmer
  • Game Of Thrones - Main Title by Ramin Djawadi
  • 14. Light is Sadden by dongnatviet
  • A Game of Cricket by Adrian Johnston
  • 01 The Duchess by thethirdsex
  • ego ~ Hans Zimmer (The Last Samurai) by A way of life
  • Moon Sun by winglessangel1317
  • 13 Roslin And Adama by sergelytvynov
  • Dream Chasers by Future World Music
  • Alan Silvestri by Forrest Gump Suite
  • Music By Bear McCreary by Battlestar Sonatica
  • The Last Samurai by RH Soundtracks
  • Main Theme (from The King's Speech) by kybrdgal
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Way to pick out magical music. Some of these are gems that have been lost to me but most of them were new and very fitting. Love it :D