BA: Berea College: Studio Art: Painting (Interdisciplinary)
MFA: School of the Art Institute of Chicago: Film Video New Media

Things I like:

Empanadas, vintage T's, Queeahs, thunderstorms, vintage mopeds, indie electronic music, the nape of someone's neck, camp/bon/pit/fires, cyber punk fiction, kitchen trickery, artmaking, exhibitions, film, performances, bandshows, travel, thrifting, miro brews & PBR, scruffy & smooth surfaces, mint chocolate chip ice cream, small dancefloors, laughing, cuddling, earth toned eyes, pillow talk, spontaneous adventures, brains on legs, alternative romantic tactics, geeking out, wine induced rooftop star gazing, independent & driven peeps, creative creatures, clever tats and modest piercings, improvised intimacy, unbridled personalities, affection aficionados, those who share and compliment as opposed to dominate and control, quiet night walks or bike rides, discovering _____, the handlebar zone along the hipline, miso soup, couch wrestling, daring imaginatives, vermont maple lattes, rain or shower kisses, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary…

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