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Coffee and Cigarettes


A Bunch of tracks including music by All Time Low, Otis Redding, and Eve 6.
This is for the Coffee-shop YCOCS Crew! :)
PLEASE LISTEN TO ALL THE TRACKS- not just your characters!

37 tracks
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Coffee-shop Soundtrack by All time Low—YCOCS
Drop it Low—Ethan
Surfer Girl—Ethan/ Katie
Castle on a Cloud—Hannah/ Hans
I Ain’t Marching Anymore—Harry Fairfax/ All the soldiers
The Sea is a Good Place to think of The Future—Dia
Suspicious minds- Tempest
Generator 2nd Floor—For Anyone
Trouble—Chase/ Kira/
Pain in my Heart—Jacob for when Katyria died, also Ethan for when Katie died
Never say Never- Arianne
The Card Cheat—Darius
Hannah- Hannah
Above and Below-- Jacob
Death of Glory—Dameon
Hero/ Heroine—Jacob and Katyria
Don’t Trust me—Blaine/ Dameon
I’m your Puppet—Heather
Lang Lang song—anyone
One in the Same—Hannah
Here’s to the Night- YCOCS
You Stole—Darius/ Blaine/ Arianne
Single Ladies—Chris
Your Betrayal—Jacob to Katyria
Mr. Brightside—Dameon
Father of Mine—Jacob
Inside Out—Jacob
Wise Old Wine—Dameon/Jacob
I wouldn’t mind—Hannah/Hans
Bed—Blaine/ Darius/ Arianne
Given to Fly—Jacob to Katyria
10 Days Late—Arianne
Scar Tissue by Red Hot Chili Peppers—Hannah
Bed by Brand New—Jacob or Blaine
How High the Moon by Benny Goodman—WWII Characters
Les Mis- Rupert
Single Ladies—Chris
Sex on Fire—Blaine/Arianne
Come on Get Higher by Matt Nathanson —Jacob/Katyria
Crossfire—Amy and Diamond
AFI—Jade and Tarquin
Rest by Temper Trap--- Anyone
Soldier On—For all the Soldiers
It won’t be Long—Mark/ Leah
Blackbird by the Beatles—Duo