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my skateboard will go on - a bro/dave fanmix


a sweet, silly, stupid, cheesy, embarrassing mix for all the times you want these big dumb brotherly babies to just smile, be unabashedly happy, and sickeningly in love.

major warning for ooey gooey mushy gushy guilty pleasure awful romantic bullshit

16 tracks
3 comments on my skateboard will go on - a bro/dave fanmix

After seeing all the (very well establ ished, both in canon and in fanon) angst surrounding these lads, it's nice to experience something like this. Thank you, you lovely hooman!

oh god, im so glad that youre in love because honestly, the more i think about this embarrassing as fuck mix the more i hate it . i mean. the cliches. the stupid scarcely fitting mushy gushy love songs. its the kind of mix i feel like ppl would cringe at but im just. im glad u like it even if its a roller coaster ride of cool electronic stuff to motherfucking hellogoodbye . (this sounds like such a negative response to ur darling compliment but UM BASICALLY WHAT MY DUMB BRAIN IS TRYING TO SAY IS THANK U, I LOVE YOU TOO!!! <333)