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Don't Let Go - A Jassandra Fanmix

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Have u ever seen heard of or looked up Crossfire Trails? If not PLZ DO SO RIGHT NOW OMG U WILL SCREAM AND DIE AND SUCCUMB TO FANGIRL ARRHYTHMIATIC HEART FAILURE!!!! :DDDDDD ^__________^

@sodapop99 I've heard about it and I've been drooling over the gifs for ages now. I've tried to track it down online with no luck though. I'm going to have to buy the DVD I think, as soon as I have the money.

@sodapop99 Christian has managed to sing in pretty much every show he's had a main role in so far. There was one interview where he said he was going to try and convince them to write it into The Librarians next season! I hope they do! I mean, its hard to say no to Kane anyways. xD

You know what's funny? Everytime I here a country song like Run to You by Lady Antebellum I can picture Jake singing with a guitar like Johnny Cash and Cass as his double xD ^_^

@sodapop99 Lol! I'm hoping we get to hear Jake sing some time. I know Christian is really pushing for it to get written into the show.