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to my girlfriend


as i am writing this it's about 0:40 in the morning of the 29th of march 2017, which means two things: one, i'll have to get up in about five hours, and two, you and i have been dating for a quarter of a year - minus about two hours because apparently three am is a great time to ask "do you want to be my girlfriend?" again.

anyway - i miss you so much and i will see you so soon, and in the meantime, here's all the songs we've collected since that fateful day in late 2014 when you asked me what my favourite ice cream flavour was. (i'm assuming it's still woodruff. i haven't actually had it since the day you asked. bucket list?) i, for one, am really happy you did.

i love u, wifey. i'll be there as soon as i can.

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This is so beautiful Jessie! Such a thoughtful idea, she'll love it. I watch your YouTube videos and they make me smile :) You two are awesome!! I follow you both in Instagram and I would love it if you could follow me back, @itsmvds. I am also attempting to start a YouTube channel where I post some singing videos (I'm not the best aha) Its Maddie Stout and it would be so cool if you could check it out! Kessie shipper from the start!!! :) xxx