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Dear Owen


I kinda like you, so duck me.

I couldn't find 3 of the songs on this website, so here's the youtube videos haha.

#10: Thinking of you - Test your Reflex

#13: Hands Down - Dashboard Confessional

#18: MFEO/You can breathe - Jack's Mannequin

  • 01 Night Vision Binoculars by lion-
  • 02 the start of something by blaydcor
  • The Book of Love by theheat2
  • All Those Friendly People by RoyalHighness
  • (If You're Wondering If I Want You to) I Want You To by Weezer
  • Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus
  • Lay me down by Lay Me Down
  • Night Drive by Jimmy Eat World
  • Alive With the Glory of Love by Say Anything
9 tracks
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