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U N P R E D I C T A B L E ; pt. i


let's be honest, will really loves pop and pop-punk music. it's not even a secret guilty pleasure. sixteen track playlist of cute solangelo in dumb pop/pop-punk tunes. beautiful art belongs to cherryandsisters on tumblr! i just edited, haha.
(aka some of the cheesiest songs i know)
pop mixed in with pop-punk, oops

16 tracks
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@stxrlxrd Oh good! That's too bad about what happened with your iPod, I hope you're able to fix everything. Thank you so much for making the playlist! ;)

@luna381 Thanks so much for the comment! I did plan on having a part two (I went so far as to make album art etc.) but my iPod deleted all of my music, so I can't remember every single song that was on the playlist. So yes, there should be a part two! It's just a little while in the making, hahaha