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Topher Harlow Playlist

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If anyone was asked to pick a song to describe the self-proclaimed "talent" of Hopeview, most would probably pick You're so Vain by Carly Simon. Topher holds the confidence of the world and has no qualms voicing it. He's an acting genius, he knows everything about films, he could tell you what the original cast of Bye Bye Birdie was on their first Broadway run. He cannot, however, determine when to stop. He is his own biggest fan and that fact is one that never fails to make itself evident.

  • Anything You Do (I can do it better) by Johanna Crossley-Zels
  • Agony (Into the Woods) by Isaac Brotzman
  • Master Of The House by Les Misérables
  • One by A Chorus Line
  • Gay Or European by Legally Blonde
  • Wicked Little Town by Hedwig And The Angry Inch
  • Rent The Musical La Vie Boheme 2008 Filmed Broadway by Amina Nzeza
  • A Little Suite Of Horror by NCKUOrch 2013 SumrVcation
8 tracks
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