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Take a Deep Breath...


Thirteen tracks including music by Air Traffic, Athlete, Garageland

"So you're wishing that you never did
All the embarrassing things you've done
And you're wishing you could set it right
And you're wishing you could stay the night
But then I go again............ wishing never solved a problem."

11 tracks
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:) kinda, lol. I DID choose the order of playlist from the song titles.... to say something about what i was thinking. :)

Lovely. You rock lady!!!

Something's Wrong, I know but Where Do I Begin? A Few Differences is all it takes to land in Another Little Hole. Take a Deep Breath because it's going to be alright. It's a Tightrope but there's No More Running Away from what has happened. Why did you have to Wait So Long?

oh i did. the rest of it was amazing as well.
but yes thats me on the boulder. it is a blast. one of my favorite things to do.

thank you! It feels good when someone else enjoys it as well. :)
And may i ask if that is you on the rock? looks like fun! ^:^