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Undercover Sweetness?


Some covers that i had ready access to.... limited in my choices at the moment. :(

standard bonus track at the end:
stevie ray vaughan's "never before heard!" guitar tribute to eric clapton.
(or so it was touted... which made me download it!) ^:^

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are you talking about the last (instrumental) track? I downloaded it because is SAID it was SRV/ never before heard/ blah, blah, blah. Turns out it was just "inspired by"... but I still like it!
t's not available on that website anymore....but can send it to you. (if you can explain to me how to do

If you want a real treat... check out a youtube video of him.
My jaw dropped when i first saw who was singing so beautifully.
...seriously, i saw him and thought "Grizzly Adams". threw me for a loop, lol. But then again, I have the same reaction with Aaron Neville..... Would never had thought such voices could emanate from such big, burly bodies!! Lucky for us that they do, though. :D