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Indefinite Reverie


Dedicated to the overworked, overwhelmed, and overlooked. Your capacity for disappointment is boundless, as one who has stolen a glimpse of the better things to come. You have bid adieu, blown out the candles, locked the doors, double-checked your baggage, cautiously put your heart on your long-sleeve, and embraced the coming uncertainty in search for milk and honey 'lest it expire. I present Indefinite Reverie, where the words left unsaid leave un-left.

194 tracks
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I've been listening to this playlist since 2013; it's still my go-to playlist six years later. I can't believe it's been that long! Thanks for an awesome playlist!

This playlist is miraculously getting me through finals. Thank you for your impeccable taste in music and lovely words.

The music is astounding and your writing is incredible! Thank you for putting your time into making this amazing playlist. :)