186 comments on Indefinite Reverie by SubtleSuggestions

I've been listening to this playlist since 2013; it's still my go-to playlist six years later. I can't believe it's been that long! Thanks for an awesome playlist!

This playlist is miraculously getting me through finals. Thank you for your impeccable taste in music and lovely words.

The music is astounding and your writing is incredible! Thank you for putting your time into making this amazing playlist. :)

Love this playlist! And your writing... I just checked out your tumblr a while ago. Just absolutely gorgeous. The way you put together words has a very effective pull on me. Hope to see more of your work. All the best! :)

@C-minus If only my professors would agree with your comment and not your name, lol. I don't take your words flippantly I hope you know. I wish the best for you as well my friend

omg. I havaen't heard of a lot of these artists and ive been starving for new music and all of these fit perfectly into my life. Thank you!!!

this mix is the reason i've been able to not go insane studying in the library for six hours. thank you so much <3

@beccahhh I hope all is well and your troubles forgotten. I urge the Universe to smile kindly upon you, this night and all others that may come to be.