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The Escape Artists' Handbook


Spontaneity's backbone dances in an ocean of clouds—flimsy as the wind sings.Ballads of momentum and morale hug the valley's floor between mountains of hardship.Grasp fear by the hand & serenade to it until it is no longer.Any romantic.Even the most hopeful of fools may concede to this truth.That we all seek a love affair with nature.To fully immerse in that which dances among clouds and sings the forest to sleep.Heres to the Escape Artists—masters of spontaneity, unfamiliarity, and uncertainty.

79 tracks
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I'm only 10 songs in, but I do believe we have to exact same taste of music! This is awesome!! You should check out a few of my mixes, I'm sure you'll love them... I know I'm gonna be checking out yours, cause this is the first time I've found someone with the exact same taste!

okay so i seriously am in lovee with your mix! i love how i know half of the songs and the other half are great songs that i can add to my list of faves. thankyouu thankyouuu :D <3