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you keep me safe, i'll keep you wild

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mythology au → hades & persephone

gardener grant ward has given up on love. and then he meets skye — she’s wild, reckless, loud and irritating. she gets under his skin like no one else can. it’s probably why he falls so fast.

she also happens to rule the underworld, and she’s looking for someone to help out.

inspired by and Artwork by: aka grantdouglasvvard

  • this love (will be your downfall) by ellie goulding
  • Haunted by Taylor Swift
  • Lifehouse Between The Raindrops Ft Natasha Bedingfield by Débb Mariie
  • Fireflies by Ron Pope
  • Love Love Love by Of Monsters And Men
  • Fall (Acoustic) by Justin Bieber
6 tracks
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