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13 tracks that follow Willow Rosenberg from her shy, nerdy beginnings, to her descent into black magic, and her eventual rise as the world's most powerful witch. Regina Spektor, Sigur Ros, Imagine Dragons, and more.

11 tracks
3 comments on Birdsong

One of the best mixes I've heard! Willow means a lot to me, she's one of the character I relate to the most, and you captured her perfectly. When I heard Icarus starting I felt like crying.

@le-feels-du-mal Ahh yes thank you!!! She's one of my favorite characters and definitely the one in btvs I relate to the most too so I tried really hard.

I'm currently watching Buffy (just finished the episode where Tara and Willow broke up and now I'm sobbing), and I LOVE this mix. Great music and awesome choices for Willow!

Also, just wondering, what is the font you used for the title?