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fave anime op/ed's!!


anime op/eds always make you feel strangely motivational (especially the sports ones), so have a playlist including countless of them! feel free to recommend some :^)

(will add more as i watch new animes, and i've been slow on watching new ones recently bc high school and college classes are hard ok)
- added yuri on ice's op/ed/fs theme song
- last updated on 11/25/16

46 tracks
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I love your cover art. (and of course, the songs). We may have the same tastes when it comes to anime songs. :D

ah thank you! (i actually made the cover art myself, taking transparent pictures from the internet though and putting them together) omg, i rarely find people who have my taste in music uwu


それは問題ありませんが、あなたはどのエンディングを好きですか?( ・◇・)?(悪い翻訳のため申し訳ありません!私はオンライン翻訳を使用しています!)(●´ω`●)ゞ

Omg...Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi *Q* My favoritve ending of it, and then, you guys write in the comment there comes the song of No.6 I'm so omadcegbmkdegksaok