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Essential Songs For The Introspective Mind


A collection of songs that help me soothe anxiety in those late night studying sessions or when I just want to think about life with a cup of coffee and an open window as the sun fades and the evening quietly settles in.

Photo taken at dusk by my lovely mother :)

“The mind-is not the heart.
I may yet live, as I know others live,
To wish in vain to let go with the mind-
Of cares, at night, to sleep; but nothing tells me
That I need learn to let go with the heart.”
― Robert Frost

25 tracks
7 comments on Essential Songs For The Introspective Mind

Hello Elsaofarendelle, Really nive playlist, once again! There is a little problem on the title of my rework of Nils Frahm. It's Nils Frahm, Me reworked by Julien Marchal. The YouTube link : Wish you all the best and continue to create these beautiful playlists! Julien

@Julien Marchal Ah, it bothers me so much that 8tracks doesn't let us fix those mistakes! I'll put an annotation with the correct title. Thank you for your kindness; and I do also hope you continue to contribute to my playlist with your amazingly crafted pieces! ;)