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To comemorate the release of the debut album "INSIGHT" by Julien Marchal, my favorite new composer of modern classical, here's a playlist that celebrates the glory of the 'aesthetical sound' of the piano.

You can support Julien Marchal by purchasing his album on iTunes or Bandcamp :)

"Insight is the first condition of Art." ~ George Henry Lewes

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4 comments on INSIGHT and Art

So hard to study when my mind is drifting away with each lovely piece! Great job on the playlist, and thank you for introducing me to some new composers :)

@xtcee I know, it happens to me a lot! I only listen to old mixes for studying, in order not to get distracted x) I'm glad you enjoyed it, these are musicians very dear to me especially Julien Marchal :)

A student with exams upcoming! Hi, well I could say that I listen to a lot of mixes while studying for the last bit. And hell; I love this mix. Thank you for making it and thank you for the artist that has composed this! :))

@beyzos90 You're welcome! If you want to listen to more pieces by Julien Marchal visit his soundcloud ; he's a truly amazing artist and such a nice person ;) You can also buy his album here, if you want