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Instrumental Works For The Aspiring Doctor


Classical pieces I'd love to listen while working in the OR in the future. Meanwhile, I still have to pass many exams, so I have this mix to help me study. I hope it can help you too, fellow colleagues! Hours of classical and instrumental music to make you focus :)

My other instrumental mixes: (Certified Gold)

33 tracks
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I wish I had this playlist when I was still in medical college. But let's be honest, the studying never ends. At least now I have this playlist. This beautiful beautiful playlist. Thank you.

I was so sad when 8-tracks wouldn't allow me to play this mix more than twice. With study anxiety, this was getting me through. Thank you for this, it is one of the best.

@thisisforreal You're welcome! I know, it's the 8tracks policy unfortunately. Feel free to check out my other mixes and see if any other works for you 'A piano in the clouds' is the one I normally use to focus :)