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Winter Reverie


A collection of instrumental pieces that remind me of the wonders of winter. You will find classical ones and also new tunes by some very talented artists. Try to listen with for a more complete experience. Enjoy with a nice, warm cup of tea by the crackling fire :)

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@Julien Marchal No, I'm the one that's thankful for being able to listen to such amazing music! I'm honored to be able to share it. Please, keep making it, you're amazing :)

@elsaofarendelle Thank you for this message. You can find more here or here : . Your playlist have a lot of success. Do you know how to change biography because there is mistakes. They say that I'm a metal band... ;) Wish you a beautiful day.

@Julien Marchal I know, it's a big problem with 8tracks. If the information was provided by or 8tracks you can try to contact them to change it. Make sure also that the details are correct in your soundcloud account. Unfortunately, there's no easier way to change the settings. Thank you, I've already liked your facebook page! Merry Christmas ;)