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on my way // the icarus (simon)


"At age 26, Captain Lovett has accomplished many feats of which his father, an intergalactic hero, would be proud. Recruited by Elora in 2008, Lovett became one of the youngest Terran Supervisors at age 19. He received several Sirius awards for his work in the 4 GAMMA teams he worked with. His transition from trainee to Supervisor has been put into question due to his lineage but his heroic acts have proven him to be independent from his father. He has saved 4 planets from destruction and is the current best pilot on the force.

Current Concerns: His psychologist has deemed him sane enough to continue as Captain, but urges ELORA to consider his issues with internalizing unwanted emotions. It may prove to be dangerous for him and his team later."

8 tracks
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