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i put a spell on you

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I am disappointed that this mix has been here since 10/1/11 and nobody made any comments? I am sad.

Oh yes, and now I realize you only put up the top-40 short version of the 20 minute InAGaddaDaVida song. I don't blame you. But the long version is THE one.

I am listening only to two songs so far and loving the mix... ahha... how nice. Donovan, Butterfly, Cream (Dance the Night Away!). I about wore out the vinyl of Disraeli Gears. Played a million times... well, maybe just a half-million.

I went to a Jefferson Airplane concert in the 60s. The first band was Iron Butterfly... nobody had ever heard of them; and they sucked for about 45 minutes. Everybody was talking and hanging out, bored with the music. Then they began to play In-a-Gadda-da-vida! Blew everyone away. And for the months following that concert they became very famous for this song... there was another great song on that album; however I can't recall the title. (40+ years ago. Yikes). Then, ooh, it must be the Season of the Witch...