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songs from holland! (some songs are from non-dutch artists but they sing in dutch. and some songs are sung in a dutch dialect)

photo: meisje met ballonnen, amsterdam. by philip mechanicus

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I don't speak dutch at all, but this mix is so lovely, it makes me want to move to Holland. It also doubles as a non-distracting work playlist since I can't sing along.

I spent hours searching good Dutch music (I'm studying Dutch at Uni and i'm really in to dutch culture) and I thought that there was no music worthy of attention. I always came across some cheesy song!
thank you for this:)

You have to check out Bløf, Nielson, Acda En De Munnik, Guus Meeuwis, and some like Marco Borsato. I learned a lot from listening to Gers Pardoel, but I think if I was Dutch I wouldn't listen to it (not my style, but super easy lyrics to follow). I'm also learning Dutch and have gotten into the music to help learn. Check out - it gives you news articles set to your level, music, and shows in Dutch. :D

At last! Your first (non-'60s) Dutch mix. I've been waiting for that moment for a long time. Though I didn't like everything, I'm glad having listened to this mix.
The beatlesy "Prikkebeen" always makes my day (and always makes me think of you). And it's the first time I'm listening to Jacques Brel's Flemish version of his own song "Le plat pays" (I still prefer his French version, but maybe is it only because I always liked this song and I got into the habit of listening to it in French. Well, the fact that I don't speak Dutch could be another irrational reason...)

i had no idea someone was waiting for this mix to happen :) i always try to imagine how dutch must sound like for non-dutch people. i think something like this: 'ggGgGhhvGGgGGggg''. so.... i hope it wasn't too much torture haha.