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dream, or not


❝She was alone. Something her people were never meant to be. Her people were tribal, blood and bond, and her ability to use the Force gave her a galaxy of brethren from all species. Even after she left the Jedi Temple, she could feel the others when she wanted to—the ebb and flow of them in the Force around her.

Until, of course, she couldn't.❞


9 tracks
3 comments on dream, or not

The music feels so good! Like it has the right energy and sound for Ahsoka as well as the right themes. That is to say, the themes are in that sound and energy, and your arrangement of the songs flows well. I got chills. From beginning to end. Awesome!

Ahhhhhh this mix is so perfect for Ahsoka in this book! The lyrics all go so well with her journey, but there's something about the actual sound of the songs you've compiled that's haunting in the best way.