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you can breathe now (a stydia fanmix)


Stiles and Lydia have grown into each other, become a part of one another. Attached at the hip, two sides of the same coin. Smart and capable, although in different ways. Snarky and biting, although in different degrees. What originated as a boy who liked an unattainable girl turned into a mature relationship between a boy who loves a girl, who loves him too. They just waited too long. While this relationship lends itself to as much angst as one possibly can between two teenagers thrust into the supernatural world, their moments of levity are truly where they shine. The banter, the sweet looks, the deep protective nature of the both of them. With each other, they can be themselves. They can finally breathe.
Happy Holidays, Lola (@ifoundplaces)! May your spirits be bright!

11 tracks
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