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laughter lines

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Hey you removed a song from this playlist, I really loved that song but I am having trouble remembering both the name and artist of it. Do you by any chance remember it ?

@shallreign i never take off any songs, they just get kicked off usually because they get removed from the soundcloud library so i have no way of knowing til someone says something, there were a couple of songs taken off so i re-added them and if you listen to this mix again the song you're looking for should be there :) the ones i had to re-add were Goodbye by Who is Fancy? // I'm in Love with the CoCo by Ed Sheeren (Hitimpulse remix) // and Hurricane by Halsey (couldn't find the exact original so it may sound a little different) hope this helps!! x

@sunflows OH, sorry that I misunderstood then! but thankyouthankyouthankyou if re-adding them, it's been driving me insane trying to recall the name of the song. Also, you have impeccable taste of music!