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Love Don't Die; A Pricefield Mix


Thank you Dontnod, for having created
- one of the most beautiful stories a videogame has ever offered me!!!
- one of the most important ships in terms of representation (in games)

This is for all the fans/shippers who've experienced the same kind of love for this piece of art as I have ♥

8 tracks
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Great playlist! I'm a huge Life is Strange fan & I've been a Pricefield shipper since I played episode 1. I've read over 30 Life is Strange fanfics, mostly Pricefield stories, and I'm amazed by all the Pricefield art. Max & Chloe might be the most inseparable couple I've ever seen. I've shipped lots of characters from lots of games & shows, but Pricefield is my favorite couple of all time. Life is Strange is special to me, and obviously it is to you as well. Oh, and Bae > Bay always!

@JATK What a sweet comment, thank you so much! =) I can totally relate, these two had such a huge & important impact and it gives LGBT people so much hope! It's truly miraculous :') And hell yeah #baeoverbay goes without saying ;D