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Don't deny our r²π


31 songs in the mix as of now but I'll probably be updating it (or making new mixes?). This is my first mix so I'm not sure what people like to listen to? If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know and I'll see what I can do. Other than that, enjoy!

30 tracks
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I used to be alottt more into the kpop scene a couple of years back (cue airport stalking etc hahaha) but I've since settled down because a student has her studently duties! But despite it all I'm still very much a true blue Cassie, and you have no idea how heartened I am that you've included Dongbang songs here! It's refreshing to see Replay here too hahah, good old times~

Thanks for this wonderful playlist! Hope your finals go well~

You've actually gone to the airport to see K-Pop stars?! That's awesome :) I don't listen to DBSK/TVXQ very much but I really like Rising Sun! Unique twist in there :P My finals ended a few weeks ago actually but I'm just too lazy to change it... maybe I'll get to that. Thanks for complimenting on the mix! :)