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baby you're a boat

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Love the playlist, even though I an ex Larry Shipper- recent events, ya know? Still, may 1D live on!! Love Louis, as you may have guessed ;) Well done, its nice.

@MissLTommo thank you so much!(: louis has always been my fav too, haha! and i wouldn't give up hope. i've been in this fandom awhile, and it'll always swing back around <3

@sunshinesinner Haha, I know- Louis is life! Beatifull. Directioner for a (long) while also! xD My first reply as am new to the site, so thankyou ever so much. Yeah, I suppose, they would still be adorbs if they every got together- for now, we'll have to stick with Briana (or Elenour if things sway that way!) xx ;)

@MissLTommo glad i could be your first reply (you're my first comment haha)! i'm much too hardcore larry to change my viewpoint now, so i'll be here till my ship drowns. wish me luck xx

@sunshinesinner @sunshinesinner Hahaha, yeah, thankyou again, and no problem for the first comment! Yeah, "my hands// your hands// tied up like two ships" all over again! Well, I hope you have an amazing captain and all of your crew has a life jacket on, so, GOOD LUCK, definitely! xx Strong is beautiful, definitely. Over again has always been my fav, until last Friday! (perfect... is perfect!) xx