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Long Live the Young and the Restless {Teencast Au}


I've been planning this mix of cute songs that I think fit the Yogscast teencast Au ^-^. UPDATE: Added a few songs Update 2: more songs!! Update 3: might be deleting this soon due to the latest yogdrama

21 tracks
5 comments on Long Live the Young and the Restless {Teencast Au}

mmk so this mix is awesome (I was thinking of duncan through my songs know what you did in the dark XD)

Is it weird that I thought that this sounded like you before I saw your name XD Then I realized " Holy shite how did she find me" XD You are SO lucky I made your birthday mix only accessible through a link :3 and THANKS FOR DE LOVE LUCY XD

I actually love this mix! The variety is really nice. With new-er stuff, and more traditional, and then more rock-ish stuff. Its fantastic!