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Sun's Songs of Amazingness XD

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his is just a bunch of amazing songs by artists like : Area 11,Stuck in Your Radio ,ect! <3 I may of missed a few songs so I may make a part 2 :)

  • All The Lights In The Sky (Area 11 Mashup) by Sprinkles AndTheElevens
  • My Favorite Subject by Stuck In Your Radio
  • Fallen Kingdom MINECRAFT by Oscar Jose
  • Original Song by The Yogscast by ♪ MoonQuest: An Epic Journey
  • Big Girl by Sips & The Yogscast
  • Nobs 4 Lyf by Nobs4Lyf
  • Sjin by I Beelieve In A Thing Called Love
  • Our Blackrock Story Carries On by sjindie
  • S.I.Y.R. by Stuck in your Radio
  • The Strays by Area 11
10 tracks