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the dreamer's guide to asking her to dance


i miss you 8trxz people.
i made this for you.
hand-crafted like (=
it's some good new deep bass and electronica to get lost in. remember when we used to do that together? if you're still around these parts would ya leave a comment? pretty please?

also, you don't need a stratagem to dance.
(let's)get it(together)

here's some good

9 tracks
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If you become an investor ($100 minimum) they'll upgrade you to a lifetime subscription and you'll get an invite to the investors group on Facebook. We have some discussions about improving 8tracks, questions, etc. Peace!

Yeah I never made playlists so I didn't get into the commenting much, but I'm dreaming about an even more social atmosphere on here.

@teodore Heyo, am definitely an investor. Had them leave my tag as is as it was bestowed upon me years ago and am loathe to change that cool status. I've made some incredible connections on this site due to collaboration and communication. Even had a 8trxz friend from overseas come and stay with me for a bit. Think it would be good to get another mix tape group going but having helped admin a previous one I'm not sure I'm ready to sign up for that. @Due @DueWets is a fun way to encourage and participate with collaborations. Keep the comments rolling! As a mix maker that is one of the best parts of the process.

@teodore i agree about the platform, have made some incredible connections here. would prefer to have an active and engaging user base but am not too concerned about the masses. thanks so much for the comment. that's one of the best parts about this place.