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7 Degrees: Queens of the Stone Age


Like the game '7 Degrees of Kevin Bacon', every band or artist in this collection can somehow be linked back to Josh Homme/QOTSA/Desert Sessions. Mix features projects these artists have contributed to, along w/ tracks from their own respective careers. (In the comments, I list all the artists involved)
*06/2015: fixed all the bad Soundcloud tracks!

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2/8/17: 2 additional songs added. Troy Van Leeuwen, QOTSA and Perfect Circle guitarist, formed a side-band with Mastodon's bassist last year, called Gone Is Gone. I've added a track from Gone Is Gone, along with a Mastodon track.

Whoop! 2016 update: Josh Homme has collaborated with the legendary Iggy Pop for Iggy's next album! How AWESOME is that??? So I've update the playlist with THREE... yes, THREE tracks: A Stooges track, an Iggy track, and Iggy/Josh's performance of Gardenia from The Late Show. (The new tracks are dispersed throughout the mix).

2ndly, I added 3 new tracks. Brandt Bjork and John Garcia both released new albums last year, I included one track from each. I added a track from the band Fatso Jetson, who are from Palm Desert, CA and were essential to the rise of Queens of the Stone Age. Some musicians from that scene were involed with Fatso Jetson, such as Brandt Bjork and Chris Goss

First off, I fixed the crappy SoundCloud replacement tracks.. f'n SoundCloud completely ruined my playlist. All fixed now!