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DJ MATT BAILER NewMusicPlaylist: NOVEMBER 2019


All the tracks that debuted on my weekly DJ chart during November 2019. CLICK HERE ( to DOWNLOAD.


12/7-La Boum Brunch @ Abigail (12pm)
12/8-Teddy & The Bully Bar Brunch (11am-3pm)
12/14-Pitchers (10pm)
12/15-Teddy & The Bully Bar Brunch (11am-3pm)
12/21-PEACH PIT (90s) @ DC9 (10:30pm)
12/22-SHADY PINES (80s) ROOFTOP TEA @ DC9 (3-7pm)
12/28-La Boum Brunch @ Abigail (12pm)
12/28-Pitchers (10pm)

21 tracks
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