Feeding the musical beast...

First off - If you find any of these mixes even the least bit awesome and entertaining, please tap the "like" icon on each one. Once I pass 10,000 likes (very close!), I will have unlimited use, and will therefore have the opportunity to create even more entertaining playlists for you! This isn't for vanity - this is for creativity.

But, if you want to feed my ego, go ahead and leave a comment. :)

Notes about the mixes:

1. I often blend a wide variety of so-called 'genres' into the same playlist (save for a few specialty ones). Good music is good music, and if they all tell the same story or paint the same picture, they can mix well together. The themes are all over the place.

2. I like to get creative with sound bytes, weird effects, etc. If you want a really good example of this, check out my "Apollo 11", "Doctor Who" or "Red Asphalt" mixes (Apollo 11 is probably my personal favorite). "The Dirty Boogie," which combines classic rockabilly with 50's-era educational dating films, seems to have gotten lots of rave reviews. Same with my James Bond and Quentin Tarantino-themed mixes, which are really, really old at this writing (October 2018).

3. I have no idea what dubstep is, and I'm not sure I really want to know.

4. All these years later, I still have no idea what dubstep is. Is it still around?

5. I added selected playlists into "collections", so you can experience seamless enjoyment.

6. I still think 8Tracks gets little love. They deserve more. On-demand services like Spotify are kinda boring. I have always preferred listening to music like I listen to the radio - I like to be surprised at what comes up next.

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