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Geezers gotta groove


Long ago, in the days of disco, even the most stalwart rockers realized that they had to go with the flow. And it was quite a shock when the likes of the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart and EVEN the Grateful Dead unleashed their own disco-fueled creations. Welcome to the 70s!

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Ancient Chinese secret... :) Actually, the sound clips come mostly from sites that specialize in movie/TV clips (like DailyWav). Some come from YouTube (which I convert to MP3) and some come from my own collection (just record off the DVDs). And yes, I mix them myself. I use a really old copy of Cool Edit to combine them via multitrack editing (though the free open-source Audacity will do this as well). Mixing in multitrack can be a bit tricky for many, but it's not that hard. I have some professional experience doing this (though back in my day, we used recording tape and razor blades!).

From there, I convert into 128-160Kbps MP3 files (I tried bigger bitrates, and also tried AAC, which sounds better, but 8 Tracks was having a problem playing back my mixes). So, in a nutshell, that's how the magic is weaved.

Oh very cool. Cool Edit? I haven't seen that in years. I'm using Sonar X1 for my audio tricksiness.

Very slick mix, my friend and a welcome addition to the Mix Challenge (

They call it Adobe Audition now. My copy is about 10 years old, but it still works great. Just installed a few codecs to handle more modern formats (like FLAC, OGG and AAC).