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K-Billy's Super Sounds Vol. 1


A collection of 30 cool and offbeat tracks featured in or reminiscent of songs from the movies of Quentin Tarantino, along with a few that probably should be in his flicks. A fun and eclectic mix of tunes and sound clips from his movies. Enjoy!

WARNING: Language may not be suitable for all listeners.

30 tracks
4 comments on K-Billy's Super Sounds Vol. 1

Is there any way I could get the song from you? I'd be forever appreciative...I'm making a mix for a friend who I'm introducing to Tarantino!

The sound clip was from Reservoir Dogs. And for many of the songs featured here, I added them to the song itself with mixing software. Kinda my own custom mix. Obviously, THAT version was never released by the Stones! :)

Vol. 2 is up, and it's better than the first one! Check the right column if you're on the computer, otherwise check the profile page on the phone app.