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ladies and gentlemen


Why is it that so many kpop groups have awful debut songs? Like it makes no sense to me. But every so often the kpop world blesses us with some top notch debut songs.

Are all of these amazing? I suppose that's subjective, but I think there's been some good debut tracks within recent years.

Feat. Spica, Wonder Girls, NU'EST, 4minute, etc.

(Suggestions are always welcome as I kind of want to update this particular playlist every so often :D)

13 tracks
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1) Bad Girl Good Girl - miss A
2) La chA TA - f(x)
3) Irony - Wonder Girls
4) Potently - Spica
5) Heaven - Ailee
6) Fire - 2NE1
7) Russian Roulette - Spica
8) Hot Issue - 4minute
9) Dr. Feel Good - Rania
10) Face - NU'EST
11) Lollipop - 2NE1 and Big Bang
12) Too Late - Co-Ed School
13) MAMA - Exo-K