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...and we're alive. that's always worth celebrating.


So. Here's the second part of my Young Avengers Fanmix. I prefer the first part of it since the best songs –in my opinion at least– are the first ones in the first part –overusing the word "first" here, sorry–, but I like that one as well. Hope you like it.

You can look for the tracklist on the comments below.
First part of this mix:

8 tracks
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-Shake It Out, Florence + The Machine
-Burn, Ellie Goulding
-All The Right Moves, OneRepublic
-Mountain Sound, Of Monsters And Men
-Supernatural Superserious, R.E.M.
-Not Gonna Die, Skillet
-Dreams Don't Turn To Dust, Owl City
-Get Lucky, Daft Punk