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because it's okay to not know (a little bit of everything for the misunderstood)

this playlist is a work in progress

8 tracks
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This may not sound like a compliment but it is: This playlist is so perfect for days you aren't sure you want to live, or are disassociation, or just lost. It's really good for when you don't know how you got here and nothing makes sense and you have no idea how anything is going to get better yet. It's also the perfect playlist for the days you take to yourself are get lost thinking about how badly you want to feel connected again. It's for the days you don't give up, but have to take a break because it's all just really hard. Thank you for making something for those days.

@zedisnotdead this made my day. Completely. You have no idea what it means to me to receive such a heartfelt response like this. Knowing that I could create something useful and for something/a feeling that I relate to so much. It fuels me. I really hope that all of that made sense, because I'm not sure how to make it make sense, but, anyway. Thank //you//. I really, really needed this today.