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Mixed Up Beach Mix


This mix is meant to be listened to while you're on the beach or pre-gaming with friends. PLAY IT LOUD AND GET PUMPED!

11 tracks
1 comment on Mixed Up Beach Mix

Absolutely love this mix! I am a HUGE trance fan. Very nicely done :) Keep em coming!

Did you take that cover photo btw?

I'm glad you like it!! I love trance myself...I'm actually about to throw on another playlist in a few.
Yes I did. Took it in Delray Beach in Florida a few years ago.


Had a look at your photography portfolio, very impressed! You are extremely talented Alexis!. Def gona have to follow your picture & design tweets :)

Thank you! I saw that you are friends with me on Facebook, or maybe you're now following me on Twitter? One or the other...but yes, please keep your eye out for some upcoming photos. Fall is upon us! : )


Just twitter so far but I will send out a FB request sometime too. Keep up the good work, I'll be looking out for your new photos!