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Final Fantasy Piano

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I just read both your comments.. My first was IX too. I also had the memory card problem and i used to sit with my brother in our tiny room and play in shifts, watching each other play and get so frustrated when we had to start over. At that young age we set a rule that every time we switched turns we had to level up 5 levels so that bosses would be easier. Nothing else mattered, I don't think me and my brother have bonded like that since then. I'm 22 now and he's 21 we argue all the time and i get really annoyed at him sometimes but it's those memories that make me put the anger away and remember that he's my little bro.

Since then we played all the FF games from VII up to X-2. Too old for gaming these days and exams are rough. After these exams I'm gonna get FF IX and play it again. Maybe he'l join me :)
Thank you both

I couldn't find another playstation, so I downloaded an emulator and have been playing it like that. I'm 21 and my brother is 20, so that's pretty cool how similar that turned out to be.

oh nice! i actually haven't play IX. hmmm, yeah, after my exams, i'll try to find other final fantasy games and play them during the 4 weeks break or so ^^ i have no sibling, just the only child and i'm 19

I grew up with three other brothers, and we moved around a lot. They became my best friends. I remember when I was ten, I played my first Final Fantasy game (9 at the time). Our parents rarely gave us money though. Not because they couldn't afford to, but they never taught us to be dependent on them. So I saved up and bought FFIX, but I couldn't afford a memory card for the playstation 1. My younger brother, who was content with watching at that age, decided to watch me play it, but we knew starting it up that we be unable to save. This game was so good, that I did not want to lose my state in the game. I would leave the playstation on constantly, as to not lose my progress. Though at the fine age of ten, I had not quite developed my motor skills or video game strategy skills as I was fairly new to them. I cannot recall the exact number of times that I died, in fact, I can't believe I had the patience to play for hours, just to have to restart the whole game. My younger brother watched me the entire time, and this lasted for roughly a summer. Once we came close to the end of the game, we were pushing 90 hours, and could have restarted multiple times like that. When we beat that game, there was this feeling of immense happiness and pride. Your playlist has brought back that spark of joy into my mind. You deserve me liking this playlist, along with following you for what I hope will be more great FF playlists.

That was a nice story =) thank you. I will create more nice FF playlists ^^ On the other note, FF10 was my first FF game that I played. I played it almost non-stop. Everything from the game slowly became part of my world, I was so happy back then. The game was like my only friend during that whole summer holiday.