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make it classic and make it music. recognizable songs from movies, and covers to songs that you didn't think could chill so well.

  • Chronicles of Narnia by MMC Composition
  • The Chronicles Of Narnia The Battle (Piano Virtuoso) by Robert Peeters
  • Mr. Brightside by stringsQ
  • The String Quartet Tribute to the Beatles by Hey Jude
  • "Pride And Prejudice" (for Violin, Cellos and Double Bass) composed by Dennis D.
  • Schindler's List: Main Theme by John Williams
  • Once Upon A December (Anastasia) by sunflower173
  • Ho Hey (String Quartet Tribute to The Lumineers) by Vitamin String Quartet
  • Thomas Newman Ghosts (Aaron Static &Amp; Fort Road Remix) by
  • American Beauty Soundtrack (American Beauty) by frengerss
  • Wrap Your Arms Around Me from the Safe Haven Soundtrack by Gareth Dunlop (Official)
  • Safe Haven by Instrumental
  • Prologue by John Williams
  • Edward scissor hands soundtrack by x-Nat-x
14 tracks
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