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-☆getting out of this town with my friends


hey alicia i know you use 8tracks quite a bit so i hope that you'll enjoy this playlist! it's not as good as the one you gave me last year, the tracks are really cliched pop punk (hahahaha #defendpoppunk manz) but i hope it'll still give you good vibes nonetheless.

anyway, you have been an awesome AWESOME friend and i'm really glad we decided to sit next to each other during japanese in y2. thank you for being so nice to me and making my day with our ceaseless discussions about thingzz.

so yes happy birthday you
about the playlist, i have listed songs and things that we've discussed about and fangirled over. i hope its not too eclectic. dotdotdot

haha and yup thats wolfstar in the cover art (by batcii!). not really relevant sorry but its so PRETTY

8 tracks
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