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Not normal. Safe.


And my old friends, I can remember when
You cut your hair
I never saw you again
Now the cities we live in
Could be distant stars

And I search for you
In every passing car

Sam left his brother behind, and he's never been so far away from home.

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i think you've made a fan of the strokes outta me! but srsly, can't you just see sam at a part, smiling hollowly at ppl, sipping his beer because he doesn't want to get drunk because he'll cry if he does and he fills his bottle up with water when no one's looking so they'll leave him alone about drinking and he just sits on the couch and listens to the music rather than the conversations around him and every song makes him think of his brother, whether dean would hate it or love it or not care at all and call him stupid and grin at him and Sam's buddies would tell him to just get over the girl he's obvs pining over and he'd just smile that smile and keep listening to the music