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Stupid Cupid!


Dean and Cas travel back in time in the 50's because of a case..but then something changes.. :]

Dean and Cas are sitting at the Bar and "Earth Angel" starts playing. Cas: “I like this song” Dean: “’s.. awesome” Cas: “I can sense you feel uncomfortable. Dean is everything all right?” Dean: ” Um..yeah no, i’m fine. It’s nothing Cas..”

I found a few "angel" songs and they'll switch with general "love" songs. Maybe i'll add more in the future. Have fun listening :D

35 tracks
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Omg this is the cutest playlist ever! Is there a fanfic for his because I need it! Thank you for the happiness and Destiel feels!!

@NativeDesLover22 Awwww óuò you don't know how happy you made me with that. xD I'm really glad you like it so much Ó7Ò I dunno of there's a fanfic D: If you or anyone want to wright one i will put a link in the description to the fanfic. :D I mean i would love to read something like that Ó7Ò ANYWAY! You're very welcome and thanks!!! *huggles* :3