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"I'm Shinsengumi's First Unit Captain, Okita Souji!"


"If I'm no use to the Shinsengumi, then my existence is worthless."
Tragic Life with A Tragic Death , His Desire To Protect His Friends and only Family , Had no fear of anything but it Sadly wasn't enough.
A FanMix Dedicated To Souji Okita (hakuouki)


Hope You Enjoy My Mix !

8 tracks
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The quote is like the music and, like Souji with the Shinsengumi, if I were not a writer my existence would be worthless, because I have invested my life and soul and blood and sweat and tears and smiles (happy smiles and sad smiles) and screams and laughter and my heart and everything that I am or have ever been in my entire into writing stories. After all, I would have nothing left to live for if I could not write.
LadyAdriander signing off.

I love your mix so much (the feels of this anime oh my gosh...)! I was wondering where you found Character Song Instrumental for Okita Souji because I haven't been able to find it without the lyrics (is it considered lyrics since its a poem?).