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Guardian of the swing


gR cuz ur not so quotable, im gonna post a peom that reminds me of u:

by Ambika Jois
Fragility is the membrane
As peace is the crux
Our constant search for the latter
Devotes our journey through flux

Keys do not build
Doors, signs or the floor
Keys only open doors
That we build to hide much more

Within these doors hold grounds
For scents and aromas beyond mankind
It merely is a part of our universe;
Finding resemblances is a game of our mind

Locking doors to banish our demons
From flowing, entering and ruling
Reminds us that we must unlock frequently
To invite our guardians patrolling

Without a crack or two
What light are we letting in?
The descent may be filled with darkness
But we are our torch, shining from deep within

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