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my pant leg <3



yr mix was really cute so heres one for u!! i hope u like it u nerd :') its a mix of calm and upbeat songs!! its all normal until track 10, hold onto ur hat kiddo


  • Devotchka by Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack
  • Pink and Blue by The Mountain Goats
  • This Year (opbmusic session) by The Mountain Goats
  • 03 Lemonade & Somersaults by theicicles
  • Hello Seattle by Owl City
  • Fun. by fun.
  • Radio Down! by The Aquabats! feat. Biz Markie
  • My Skateboard Will Go On by Anamanaguchi
  • Toot toot chuga chugga Big red car Daniel Coz Remix by Bryan6901
  • Friday by Rebecca Black
10 tracks